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The cost of food is skyrocketing. What was affordable is now expensive, and operators are forced to raise menu prices to account for increased input costs. There are tons of ways you can reduce food waste and reduce food costs as well. With the help of a great food waste consultant, accredited against the international certification The PLEDGE on Food Waste, you can get the help you need to really get your budget under control.

Improve Profitability

Cut food purchasing costs by 3 to 7%
and increase profitability.

Expect Productivity

Achieve operational excellence and empower
your teams to prevent up to 50% of food waste

Leverage Sustainability

Attract conscious customers, retain top talents,
address the #1 climate solution.

Helping Hotels generate a ROI from ESG

Rethink Food Certificate - Food Waste Prevention Training Rethink2gether

Food Waste Prevention Online Course + Certificate

Learn from our hospitality training in as little as one hour to quickly reduce food costs with minimal effort. For all commercial kitchens in Canada.


Rethink Food Waste Audit

Boost your food and beverage profit with a detailed food waste audit. It can be combined with an easy and scalable food waste monitoring technology.

For hotels and restaurants willing to control food costs for enhanced productivity. 


Rethink Food Waste Audit

Sustainable Certifications

Get certified against sustainability certifications like Green Key Global, Michelin Green Star or the third-party audited certification The PLEDGE™ on Food Waste. 

For hospitality leaders willing to stand out!

What Is Food Waste Consultation?

Food waste consultation is a great way for hoteliers to learn how green hotel leaders leverage sustainable gastronomy, to implement strategies to achieve a triple bottom line. It can help Hotel General Managers, F&B Managers, Chefs, and other Hotel Managers in HR, Marketing, Sales and Finance.

Food waste consultants can help you:

  • Learn how to save money and cut food purchase costs
  • Learn how to inspire and train kitchen teams
  • Learn how to reduce single-use plastic use and your carbon footprint
  • Learn how to implement regenerative tourism practices
  • Learn how green hotels sell more with sustainability solutions
  • Learn how hospitality leaders anticipate coming regulations

Results beyond the bottom line


Food Waste Reduction

7:1 ROI

In Year One

12 tonnes

CO2 prevented per year

Empowering Hospitality Leaders to Rethink Food & Profitability

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Who Can We Help?

  • Green-Key Certified Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Hospitality Schools
  • Hospitality & Tourism Industry Associations
  • Destination Marketing Organizations working towards Destination Stewardship

We are ready to help you find out what you can do to help with sustainability and with profits as well. We have taken the pledge to fight food waste and to help commercial kitchens go green and improve their sustainability performance.

Food waste is one of the biggest expenses that many companies that serve food deal with. Food waste can cut into your profits, it can cut into the overall efficiency of your company and it can have a big impact on the planet as well.

Contact Rethink2gether today to learn more and to set up a consultation so that we can help you start reducing your food waste.

What hospitality leaders say

Do You Need Food Waste Consultation?

While not all hospitality companies are going to benefit from food waste consultation, businesses like hotels with a foodservice operation can certainly benefit from the right support. Hospitality venues spend an average of 25-40% of their monthly revenue on food inventory.



  • We can help empower your teams with an online course for chefs and food and beverage managers working in BC’s tourism, hospitality and food service industry.
  • We can help you define strategies to reduce food costs with a Rethink Food Waste Audit, to improve food efficiency.
  • We can help you set up a food waste monitoring technology that can help you make the most of the foods that you order. With detailed multi-site reporting.
  • We can help achieve your goals faster, with measurable outcomes and payoff.
  • And we can help you promote your restaurant with sustainability certifications aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

We live in a day and age when hoteliers need to achieve a triple bottom line. 

Rethink2gether is ready to help!


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