Small and medium managers are already in survival mode, so why would they add a sustainability strategy to their list of priorities already long?


Because sustainability strategies have everything to do with survival of the company. Like it or not, resilience offers both the threats and opportunities to SMEs. And the potential impact on the long-term business success is too important to be ignored.

If you look deeply into nature, you will discover many inspiring solutions. Today, people understand the consequences of the anthropic pressure on natural resources and the changes we have to make to protect our lands and waters and the rich life that dwells within them for the next generations.

That’s why we have set out to fight for the reduction of impact on natural ressources and help like-minded individuals and organizations make a difference. Every Day!

Rethink2gether is born from this energy which stimulates me to support entrepreneurs and organizations to move toward a more sustainable and resilient system.

Why is that good news for you ?

Because by preparing your company for cost increases by energy and raw materials, it will become more sustainable.

Because you can save money.

Because, sooner or later, each company will have to pay attention to sustainability in order to remain in business.

Because you can add to innovation, without necessarily inventing new technologies or new products.

Because your organisation will be more resilient.

Who are we ?

Laure Dupuy, founder of Rethink2gether

Photo by Charlotte Miton

Photo by Charlotte Miton

With more than five years of experience in helping public and private organizations in Europe with the implementation of complex environmental management systems in the consulting firm 21 Solutions.

21 Solutions is a support and consulting firm that promotes collective intelligence, ownership and learning through a concrete approach to the elements addressed in the missions as well as the sharing of experiences.

Now I guide my clients towards environmental and social stewardship using a collective intelligence mindset.

With more than five years of experience in supporting public and private organizations in the implementation of environmental management systems, I have acquired solid organizational foundations, a critical mind and adaptability that make the strength of my services.

I truly think that, working together as companies, governments and citizens, we can find innovative solutions to help people live, produce and consume more responsibly - all inspired by natural principles. My goal is to help companies and other organizations to transition to business models based on the principles of a circular economy through a technical approach that focuses on cooperative processes.

Efficient, I offer personalized solutions adapted to my clients because each business model is different.

Collaborative, I offer learning tools based on co-construction, knowledge sharing and exchange to advance towards the eco-responsibility of organizations.

Audacious, I share solutions based on innovation, the circular economy and the "zero waste" movement because any transition towards a more equitable, sustainable and resilient system requires an upstream reflection of the impact.

Benoit Liegey, Project manager

Ben holds a dual Master of Engineering degree from 2 top-tier universities in France. His studies were primarily done at AgroParisTech, which is among the top 10 universities in the world specializing in food & environmental sciences. He is now Project Manager for Rethink2gether, based in Vancouver, B.C.

Ben has over eight years of international experience in sustainability in various industries.

For 4 years, he has worked as a sustainability consultant for RDC Environment in Belgium. This experience enabled him to understand clients’ needs, master environmental impact assessments, and deliver effective presentations for both public & private organizations.

Ben's expertise also lies in food sustainability. He has worked for multiple food retailers, including Ahold Delhaize in Europe and SPUD.CA in Vancouver (Canada). At Ahold Delhaize, an international food retailer based in 3 continents, he was the Sustainability Data & Innovation Coordinator. In this role, he was in charge of external sustainability reporting at the global level, and was leading a Zero Waste Working Group to share best practices among operating companies. He has also piloted the Food Loss & Waste Protocol, which is a  standard released in 2017 to harmonize food waste measurements among companies, countries and cities all over the world.

He has also worked for SPUD.CA, an online retailer of local & organic food that is a certified B Corp and based in Vancouver, B.C. He first began as a Produce Quality Coordinator and then moved up to an Inventory Control & Quality Assurance Coordinator for Food-X, managing a team of up to 20 people. Food-X is a delivery platform that allows multiple retailers to share warehouse space, infrastructure and delivery so there are fewer vehicles on the road per order, similarly to carpooling. SPUD’s industry-leading technology namely enables predictive ordering and better inventory control. This results in SPUD being the lowest waste grocery company in Canada, with only 0.5% food waste (traditional grocery stores have produce waste of between five and six percent of sales). This experience namely allowed Ben to be part of the creation of Food-X, to manage inventories of different companies and to better understand how food waste can be saved in British Columbia.

These opportunities have shaped Ben's understandings of the food supply chain. In addition, his experiences have exposed him to different ways of thought in the dynamic field of sustainability as well as equipped him with the necessary skills needed to make informed decisions based on concrete evidence. His ability to multitask, meet tight deadlines and negotiate across multicultural environments are truly an asset.

On a more personal note, Ben loves good food, outdoor activities and climate-smart traveling. In 2017, he traveled the world to meet various key plays of sustainability in the food supply-chain, interviewed different businesses and shared inspiring videos from farm to fork. He made his way across Europe, Asia, Oceania and North America with no air travel. In addition, he is currently working for the Rocky Mountaineer, which has trains from Vancouver to the Canadian Rockies.

Reducing our levels of consumption will not be a sacrifice but a bonus if we simply redefine the meaning of the word ‘success.’
— David Wann

Kind words

Very good presentation of the principles of circular economy and benefits for companies.
Laure has a very good knowledge of the subject, very well organized workshop, interesting and relevant content!
Professionnelle et collaborative, Laure a animé plusieurs ateliers inspirants pour/aux côtés de la SDECB. Ces workshops riches en informations apportent à nos clients une connaissance plus approfondie et une méthodologie pratique pour intégrer une stratégie de développement durable et des pratiques innovantes liées à l’économie circulaire dans leurs organisations.
— Mylène Letellier - Directrice, Services aux entreprises et communications SDECB
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