Food waste prevention experts

We have a dream

Creating a world where avoidable food waste no longer exists

Rethink2gether is a Vancouver-based, food waste consulting company. We are on a mission to help hotels and restaurants reduce food costs and improve the bottom line.

Hospitality leaders want cut food costs. But they often lack the time, knowledge, and budget to make meaningful progress. That’s where Rethink2gether comes in. Our team of food lovers and food waste experts, based in Vancouver, Canada, will help you increase your profitability. 

Family eating breakfast at a hotel. Hotel breakfast buffets comes with a lot of plate waste, where Rethink2gether tries to help fight and reduce this type of waste.

You will also learn insights to help you attract and retain talents. Finally, you will reduce your climate impact. 

In other words, we provide you the food waste solutions you need, whether you are a beginner or an expert.

To sum up, our goal is to help hotels and restaurants increase their profits while also improving their sustainability performance.

Did you know that 66% of food surplus is avoidable?

Your business can increase profitability. And at the same time be climate smart.

There are easy ways to reduce food costs. Are you ready to build a Just Circular Food Economy?

Our people

Food waste experts as a force for good

Ben Liegey, Co-founder of Rethink2gether

Ben Liegey

CEO & Co-Founder

As CEO, Ben leads Rethink2gether, coaching hospitality leaders to reduce food costs and have a positive impact. Above all, he is a renowned expert in food waste prevention.

Shinya Hayashi, Data analyst at Rethink2gether

Shinya Hayashi

Chief Data Analyst

Shinya is passionate about data and sustainability. He leverages his data skills to create valuable insights to solve business problems. He also has experience in the hospitality industry.

Bryan Sun, Digital marketing coordinator at Rethink2gether

Bryan Sun

Digital Marketing Coordinator

Bryan is a creative marketing coordinator. He has a passion in UX design & digital marketing. Originally from Seattle, he is motivated by maximizing our outreach to have a positive impact.


Laure Dupuy, Co-founder of Rethink2gether

Laure Dupuy

Co-Founder & Advisor

Laure has developed her expertise in Zero Waste and Circular Economy. She has 8+ years’ experience consulting businesses, governments and universities.

Frederique Niel​, Business advisor of Rethink2gether

Frederique Niel

Business Advisor

Frederique is helping entrepreneurs to maximize their chances of success in the world of entrepreneurship. She is a Certified Coach by the International Coaching Federation.

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