Ben Liegey

CEO and Co-Founder | Food Waste Expert | Accredited Consultant The PLEDGE™

Ben Liegey, Co-founder of Rethink2gether. A food waste consulting company based in Vancouver, BC

Ben Liegey is a food waste expert, Co-Founder and CEO at Rethink2gether. He is the first accredited consultant “The PLEDGE™ on Food Waste” in Canada, with a food engineering background combined with an Executive MBA.

9 years of international experience

Originally from France, Ben is a real foodie. He has 9 years of international experience consulting organizations throughout the food supply chain, developing sustainable business models aligned with the UN SDGs.

In Europe, he has worked on Zero Waste and carbon footprint projects as a sustainability consultant in Belgium. He also piloted the Food Loss and Waste Protocol as a Sustainability Coordinator for an international food retailer back in 2016. This standard harmonizes food waste measurement among companies, countries and cities all over the world.

After that, Ben has worked in inventory management for SPUD.CA the lowest waste retailer in Canada, B Corp certified. He has leveraged Food-X Technologies to manage inventories of different food businesses in British Columbia, leading to only 0.5% food waste (traditional grocery stores have produce waste of between 5-6% of sales).

Food Loss and Waste Standard Protocol

He also gained experience in the hospitality and tourism industry working front of house for the Rocky Mountaineer

In addition, he is currently the Chair of the Food Waste Working Group of the Vancouver Food Policy Council.

Ben has been awarded 2021 DIVERSEcity Immigrant Entrepreneur and has won the Silver Prize of the 2021 Spring Activator Growth Challenge.

He is also the Producer of the Food Synergy Movie, a food sustainability documentary from farm to plate.

On a more personal note, Ben loves good food, outdoor activities and climate-smart traveling. In 2017, he travelled the world to meet various sustainable initiatives in the food supply-chain, interviewed engaged businesses and shared inspiring videos. He made his way across Europe, Asia, Oceania and North America with no air travel.

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