Rethink2gether supports organizations to incorporate sustainable principles that will enhance their environmental and social value while generating new revenue and reducing costs.

  1. Support in understanding the following aspects of your organization strategy on :

    • Environmental management of your activities

    • Integration of stakeholders to the sustainable strategy

    • Impact on local communities

    • Characteristics of your products and services

  2. Measure social and environmental impact of your activity (B Impact Assessment)

  3. Identification individually or collectively opportunities to propose innovative upcycling solutions created with used materials or products

  4. Prioritization of actions to set up by defining objectives to reduce your impact on the environment and increase your positive influence on your community

  5. Strategical development related to the sustainable economy and CSR policies: implementation of environmental management (e.g. ISO 14001), sustainable development report

  6. Creation added value in your organization strategy and your products and services offer