Sustainability Certification The PLEDGE™ on Food Waste

Helping hospitality leaders stand out
and benchmark outlets' performance

The PLEDGE on Food Waste certification

Third-party audited certification on food waste

Designed to improve the bottom line

You will cut 5% in food costs per cover and understand how you perform vs. other hospitality leaders globally. 

Stand out from your competition

You will have the opportunity to show your leadership to attract new guests and new talents.

4 levels of certification

PLEDGE 4 levels

Certified organisations will be attributed a badge based on their overall score and have access to a marketing communication toolbox.

What certified hotels and restaurants say about The PLEDGE™

Executive Chef Jakub Mares

Hotel General Manager Peter Caprez

7 key pillars

The PLEDGE™ on Food Waste is a comprehensive framework based on 95 criteria. 

PLEDGE 95 criteria

Get support from an Accredited Consultant

Grow better with the right option

Whatever you choose, you will be recognized for your efforts and leverage a competitive advantage!

Option 1: Get access to the criteria and DIY

Does your team already have everything in place to maximize food cost reduction?

Get access to the 95 criteria and apply to become certified by yourself.

Option 2: Get premium support from Rethink2gether

Do you need premium support to maximize your chances to rank high?

Rethink2gether is the first Canadian company with an Accredited Consultant.


Most frequent questions and answers

On average, certified restaurants save 5% on food costs per cover.

The PLEDGE™ on Food Waste is a certification program for hotels and restaurants willing to improve their bottom line while accessing new customers. It is a comprehensive framework that is third-party verified, 100% online and based on 95 criteria. Certified businesses cut on food costs, save food and expand their brand image.

Unlike other sustainable business certification programs, The PLEDGE™ on Food Waste is a third-party audited certification focused on practical and scalable solutions to reduce food costs and climate impact. No costly sustainable actions with low return on investment. Only criteria that positively affect your profitability.

If you choose to get support from an Accredited Consultant, you will get premium coaching to make sure you are maximizing your chances to be certified and reach the highest scores. Check out the global network of Accredited Consultants.

So far, certified restaurants can be found in Singapore, Thailand, Denmark and Mauritius. And in the US, 30 restaurants are about to apply as part of a Build Back Better project. Canadian restaurants can benefit from the support of Ben Liegey, the first Accredited Consultant in Canada.

The PLEDGE™ platform can be made available for free for academic projects. Contact us to learn more about this opportunity.