Food waste prevention solutions
helping restaurants reduce food costs

Because fast-paced foodservice operators require operational efficiency.

Rethink2gether helps restaurant owners and operators increase profitability whilst reducing food costs.

As a proud member of Destination Vancouver, we make it easy by applying tech and closely partnering with you so that you can make the most of every food purchase.

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So very well done! I love the brevity of the course, the savings calculator, and the fact that data are all relevant for the Canadian restaurant industry.

— Chef Davide Del Brocco
Sustainability Manager at Sodexo Canada

7:1 ROI

Restaurants investing $1 to prevent food waste save $7 in operating costs.

Source: UN Champions 12.3 report (2018)

Additional benefits

Increase guest satisfaction

The amount of eco-conscious diners keeps increasing in Vancouver.

Source: EcoMeter (2022)

Increase employee retention

Millennials want to work for operators tackling climate change.

Source: Deloitte (2021)

Increase efficiency

You will improve performance and consistency in your kitchens.

Source: ReFED (2022)

Why Canadian restaurants choose Rethink2gether

Rethink2gether's hospitality training

Training tailored to the Canadian foodservice industry

From restaurants chains to independent eco-friendly restaurants, Rethink2gether has a solution for every Canadian foodservice operator.

Train a user in as little as 1 hour to quickly reduce food costs with minimal effort. 

It is ideal for restaurants who want simple support, whenever they want.

Easy-to-use food waste monitoring technology

You can only manage what you measure, and Rethink2gether helps you implement an easy-to use and easy-to-scale technology to track food waste.

Reduce food costs even more and join the growing foodservice industry leaders using Food Intel Tech. It is ideal for operators who are aware of their potential.

Rethink2gether's food waste monitoring technology
Rethink2gether audit in a commercial kitchen

Expert support from an Accredited Consultant

For Canadian restaurant leaders who want to stand out and reach the highest levels of the international certification The PLEDGE™ on Food Waste. 

You will benchmark your operation, get premium support from the first Accredited Consultant in Canada, with the reliability of a third-party audited process. 

You reduce food costs, or it’s free

If you do not reduce food costs or are a not satisfied after 45 days, we give you your money back. That’s our way to ensure our 100% food cost reduction guarantee.

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