Rethink Food Waste Audit

Why does your hotel need a food waste audit?

Cut food waste and save money

The hotel industry has been looking into resource inefficiencies, focusing on energy efficiency. However, food & beverages remain an untapped potential for savings. The average restaurant food cost percentage is between 24 and 32% of total food sales. Together with the labor that goes into processing this food, this percentage constitutes 90% of total food sales. This means that every kg of food waste is a real loss as it represents an extra disposal cost, wasted labor and of course food that should not have been purchased.

Most of the times it is possible to reduce these costs by executing a food waste audit. The audit saves a lot of money on a yearly basis: you waste less and earn more.

How does it work?

Kick off meeting


We start with an intake talk to give you more information and listen to your expectations and desires about the food waste audit. 

We partner with you to maximize the benefits for you.

Food Waste Audit icons

Culinary training

We provide online food waste prevention training to your culinary team so they are ready for the food waste audit. 

Weigh food waste


We prepare the necessary documents and attributes to conduct the food waste audit so that the goals and expectations are set beforehand to make the on site analysis as smooth as possible.

Hotel food waste audit


We visit your hotel and attend every meal (from breakfast to dinner – if applicable) from the beginning until the end of the service. 

Every finished plate gets weighed and visually observed for a period of 3 to 7 days.

Food Waste Report


After the audit itself, a custom-made report will be made with all the data that was collected during the audit. You will get valuable insights and actionable recommendations that can dramatically lower your food cost.

Option: use a food waste monitoring technology

Food Intel Tech makes it simple to track your restaurant food waste

Turn data into insights to reduce food costs.

A food waste monitoring technology combined with a food waste audit can uncover even more new opportunities to prevent food waste at a hotel. 

Pricing 2 - Food Intel Tech food waste monitoring technology

Learn how much your Food Waste Audit could generate