Rethink2gether provides the expertise needed to reduce environmental impacts and boost social equity of businesses and non-profits to promote a thriving economy. By working with us, you will understand your impact, improve your environmental and social performance, review and value your business model to be more resilient to the market.

Educate businesses and non-profit organizations to increase their social and environmental performance

Elan Summit 2018, Vancouver - SDECB - Picture by   Gaetan Nerincx Photography

Elan Summit 2018, Vancouver - SDECB - Picture by Gaetan Nerincx Photography

If you are looking for an environmental expert to animate one workshop, training sessions or to speak for a conference on the following topic :

For all organizations and companies :

  • The implementation of an environmental management system (e.g. ISO 14001)

  • The organisation an eco-friendly and zero waste event

For food and beverage sector :

  • The positive impact of a sustainable and local food system

  • The food waste reduction systems, tools and projects

For governmental organizations & non-profits :

  • The circular and regenerative economy as weapon to fight climate change

For (potential) incorporated companies and federations of entrepreneurs :

  • The movement and advantages to be a B Corp certified company

Help businesses and non-profit organizations improve their social and environmental performance

If you wish to reduce your environmental impacts, we offer support for the implementation of an environmental and sustainable strategy. This global approach allows a better management of physical flows (energy, materials, water), the transversal integration of these different aspects into the decision-making process. According to your goals, we propose to support your organization by a consulting offer. We are able to do for/with you the following projects :

  • On-site environmental & social impact analysis

  • Definition of your environmental program and KPIs

  • Redaction/integration of a sustainable policy and environmental procedures

  • Implementation of an environmental management system

  • Raising of awareness among your stakeholders

  • Optimization of your purchases and help to choose the most sustainable and local (when is it possible) options

  • Improvement of your waste separation system

  • Optimization of your existing supply chain

Photo by  Maxine Bulloch

Review and value the social and environmental performance of businesses and non-profit organizations

Whatever the development phase of your activity (creation, development or review), we will support you in analyzing and prioritizing your action and reviewing your business model by participative methods and tools from the Design thinking approach to find the best solutions to switch toward a circular, regenerative & responsible business model (e. g. zero waste, functionality economy, sharing economy).

We support entrepreneurs who have developed innovative business models by integrating social and environmental criteria into their organization's mission. Our work with them consists in analyzing and valuing the practices in place and encouraging continuous improvement by prioritizing the actions and performance indicators to be implemented to maximize the achievement of the criteria defined by the B Corporation certification system developed and managed by the B Lab, a non-profit organization.

We would love help you to find the way to keep going your great work toward the social and environmental performance!