1 Measure

Stop guessing & know exactly how much money you are losing due to food waste!

Based on your existing data, we offer a Food Waste Estimation and a Compliance Checking with international standards;

We are happy to complete this offer with a detailed Food Waste Assessment to quantify your potential savings (financial & carbon impacts) and identify which product category need the most attention.

2 Re-design

Review your strategy & benchmark with your peers!

We can help you to re-design your food strategy from order to your sale and to review your processes according to a strong benchmark of food industry best practices among your peers around the world. With this offer, you will be aware of the best practices to integrate circular economy principles in our industry.

3 Shift & Improve

Save food & money, be the one who create the change!

We would love to help you to set up your food reduction target, define your priorities and build an efficient long term action plan integrating your team in the shift with an internal diagnosis among them. Who are more aware than your team of the internal challenges?