What some leaders think about Rethink2gether

Laura Hawkings

“I highly recommend working with Rethink2gether if you’re looking for ways to reduce food waste”

β€” Laura Hawkings, Former Board President at Leaders in Environmentally Accountable Foodservice (LEAF)

Executive Chef Kunal Dighe JW Marriott Vancouver Hotel

“An excellent training for any food handler, employee or employer”

β€” Kunal Dighe, Executive Chef at JW Marriott Parq Vancouver and the DOUGLAS

Executive Chef Davide Del Brocco

“So very well done! I love the brevity of the course, the savings calculator and the face the data are all relevant for the Canadian restaurant industry”

β€” Chef Davide Del Brocco, Sustainability Manager at Sodexo Canada

“I really enjoyed the masterclass, very well done and captivating until the end”

β€” Safia Moke, Executive Director at Delice Group

Florence Kao

“Very impressive!”

β€” Florence Kao, Program Coordinator at DIVERSEcity


“Well made and clearly explained video. The modules make it easy to stay focused for an hour straight!”

β€” Daekwon L, Restaurant Manager

Marie-Noel Holland

“I am 100% likely to recommend Rethink2gether to a friend or a colleague”

β€” Marie-NoΓ«l Holland, Manager Economic Development & Employability at SDECB

Vivian Davidson

“Working with Ben on sustainability and food consultation has been amazing.”

β€” Vivian Davidson, Director of the Food Synergy Movie

“Very good module, easy to understand. All restaurants should do it!” 

β€” Shinya Hayashi, Front-of-House Customer Experience Specialist

Maria Verdicchio

“Wow, it’s a very comprehensive video package, and the resources are great!”

β€” Maria Verdicchio, Food Waste Expert and former Hotel General Manager