Food Waste Prevention Webinars

Rethink Food Webinars

Interested in learning more about how to implement food waste prevention to reduce food costs?

Each of our educational webinars dives into specific methods and strategies. 

Join Rethink2gether for one of our upcoming live webinars! We always feature Canadian hospitality leaders with fantastic tips you can implement in your commercial kitchen.

BC Hotel Association & Rethink2gether Webinar: The PLEDGE on Food Waste

You will learn:

  • How to attract talent with the certification¬†The PLEDGE
  • How to improve your hotel’s bottom line and reduce food costs
  • How to gain new guests and increase employee retention
  • How to join the BC Hotel Association pushing for sustainable leadership

Restaurant strategies
to reduce food surplus

You will learn:

  • How food waste prevention can help you achieve a triple bottom line
  • How Sysco leverages a Waste-Not State of Mind
  • How Vancouver Food Runners is helping hotels with food donations¬†
  • How Chef TJ is planning to minimize ordering¬†

Key sustainable solutions
for the success of Canadian restaurants

You will learn:

Webinar: The Business Case
for Food Waste Prevention

You will learn: